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Deck Washing

Patio & Deck Cleaning Services

What good is a dirty patio or deck? These outdoor entertainment areas are meant to be a place of fun and relaxation, but if your patio or deck looks dirty you tend to hide it way. With our Long Island Patio & Deck Cleaning Services, we will have your deck ready for your next party.

It’s time to take back your deck from the mold and sun damage – let the professional deck restoration specialists at Emerald Washing World properly restore your deck. Our Deck Cleaning solution is the best way to revitalize your deck in a short amount of time.

Our deck cleaning process includes washing your deck with a mixture of detergents and cleaners ensuring all the algae is dead and the dirt is rinsed away. We are specialists when it comes to restoring wood decks to their former glory and cleaning years of accumulated dirt and grime from both wood and composite decks.

Get the quality Deck Cleaning you deserve by contacting our Long Island washing experts for service today!

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